Apartment fire in Marquette


MARQUETTE — The fire started at Pine Ridge Apartments on Pine Street just after 12:30 this afternoon.

The Marquette Fire Department responded to the fire which was on the upper level of the building.

Everyone was able to get out of the building safely.

We talked to a man named Kyle who described the moments he knew he had to run.

Kyle Radall, Resident, Pine Ridge Apartments said, “I saw smoke coming out of my, well it was on top of the roof. I heard the alarms go off and I thought it was just a normal fire drill. I started to smell the smoke even more and it was becoming more worse as it came on. I opened my door and I saw this big ball of black smoke down the hall and so I just closed the door, ran downstairs, and I saw a lot of people outside.”

The apartment complex is still shut down to the residence.

Salvation Army will be providing dinner for those at the Superior Dome while the fire investigation continues.

The Marquette Fire Department has yet to release any further information on how the fire may have been started, but tune in tonight at 11 p.m. for those updates.

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