Bergman Votes “Yea” on STOP School Violence Act

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Congressman Jack Bergman released the following statement after voting to pass H.R. 4909, the STOP School Violence Act:

“As a grandfather to eight school-aged grandchildren, I take the issue of school safety very seriously. Our nation’s schools must be a safe place where students can focus freely on their education. The STOP School Violence Act isn’t the final answer to school safety, it’s the simply the first step.”

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving the goal of safety in our schools. However, we must act on every level to ensure our students remain safe as they receive their education.” – said Bergman.

“As I continue to meet with teachers, students, parents, superintendents, and law enforcement officers throughout the district, school safety remains a top priority of our discussion.  I’m committed to continuing my work to ensure our schools in the 1st District have the resources needed to ensure the safety and security of all students.

The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act will create a grant program to empower students, teachers, school officials, and law enforcement so they can identify and intervene before there’s violence in our schools.

The STOP School Violence Act includes:

Funding for school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams;

Funding to support law enforcement coordination efforts;

Funding for technology and equipment to improve school security and prevent attacks; and

This includes the development and operation of anonymous reporting systems, such as mobile apps, a hot-line, and a website.

Funding may also be used for metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other technologies to keep schools safe.

Funding for training to prevent student violence against others and self.

Additionally, this bill provides for the creation of an anonymous reporting system to provide tips about potential attacks and persons who may be inclined to commit acts of violence on campus.

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