President Biden’s campaign is launching a $25 million advertising campaign focused on several key battleground states, ramping up its messaging early in the election cycle.

The campaign on Sunday announced the 16-week campaign, which marks the third major ad buy since Biden officially announced he would seek a second term.

The campaign will air television ads in major markets in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It is also running targeted ads focused on Hispanic voters in Florida.

“The buy includes both the largest and earliest media buy for a reelection campaign into constituency media ever, as well as the largest overall buy for a reelection campaign at this point in time ever, ensuring that President Biden’s message is heard throughout this year’s Republican primary,” the campaign said in a statement.

The states targeted by the ad campaign are all battlegrounds Biden won in 2020, with the exceptions of North Carolina, which he lost by fewer than 100,000 votes, and Florida, which he lost by a wide margin.

The first ad that is part of the campaign is focused on the economy and seeks to contrast Biden’s record with former President Trump and the “MAGA agenda.”

The ad campaign comes as Biden’s reelection effort has gotten more aggressive with the first GOP primary debate arriving Wednesday.

The Democratic National Committee is launching a billboard campaign across Milwaukee, the site of the debate, including three standing billboards and a billboard truck that will circle the venue where the GOP debate is.