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ALGER AND SCHOOLCRAFT COUNTIES– Do you believe in Bigfoot? And if so, have you ever seen or heard the creature?

“I’ve been fortunate on three occasions to have seen bigfoots,” said Rick Reles, Investigator, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. “Once was in Northern Wisconsin, traveling across the road with me and a business associate. It was chestnut/brown color, maybe a about eight foot tall.”

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is a nationwide group and there’s a chapter in the U.P

“The U.P. has always had a history of Bigfoot and other paranormal, encrypted creatures,” said Rich Meyer, Founder, U.P. Bigfoot Sasquatch Research Organization.

For those who don’t know a lot about the creature, researchers say that there isn’t just one Bigfoot, There are multiple and just like any other creature.

“Big foot is just like anything else,” said Meyer. “There’s males and females and little ones and big ones.”

Meyer says that a man named Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University says that there’s a 1,000 mile home range for male bigfoots. With this information, Michigan’s population would be 185 to 370 bigfoots statewide with a life expectancy of 50 years.

Many different things go into the this kind of research.

“Being able to come to certain areas where in the past we’ve had activity, like the area where we’re standing at right now and once you find something like that, you just go for it,” said Jim Sherman, Investigator, Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. “We send investigators out to try to look at reports. If a report is  something that’s recurring or something to the effect. If you know how to measure a footprint or if you understand the difference between Barred Owl and possible Sasquatch howl, it helps everybody out.”

This week people have been meeting in Schoolcraft County to share stories, research and find evidence in the area. A public conference is being held tomorrow at the Moose Lodge in Munising from 10 to 4 for $30.

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