Blight enforcement hits Calumet Township


CALUMET TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN-TV) — The Village of Calumet is a historic town, surrounded by natural beauty.

I’ve been up there quite a few times over the last few weeks. One of the people I talked to tells me this once-successful mining town where businesses flourished, hit hard times. You can see some of the wear and tear as your drive around town.

Starting this fall, The Calumet Village Council is enforcing blight issues.

Caleb Katz, Manager, Village of Calumet said, “Essentially with blight enforcement we’re trying to clean up the village by enforcing our blight ordinance, which just kind of sets a standard for what the people in the council have to decide what the basic level to be for homes, buildings, commercial, residential, etc. look.”

Village Manager Caleb Katz says some of the buildings are in such bad shape, they are an issue of public safety.

“So right now this is kind of a new experience for us, so we’re trying to start with the most extreme offenses, such as buildings that are very dilapidated, falling in roofs, broken out windows, non-secured buildings that type of thing,” said Katz.

The main focus of attention will be on downtown Calumet.

“That’s the first thing you see when you come in and it’s where everyone has their businesses, where a lot of the tourists come and go and hang out. A lot of people have to keep up their buildings out there and if people who have been lacking behind a little bit and started to really get into it and get on it after I’ve been speaking with them.”

Katz tells me, they start by handing out warnings. They’ll work with you to fix the issue, but if some of these blighted properties go untouched, that’s when people could face fines.

They want to recognize and tackle anything that can be affected before any huge snowfall this winter.

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