‘Blueprint for Change’ to give Marquette family a room makeover


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MARQUETTE– Allison Clark is an interior designer and owner of Curio Design Studio.

Clark says, “Been virtual consulting until about the last two years and then I’ve been really kind of planting roots here in Marquette.”

Clark says she wanted use her skills to make a difference, and that’s when she came up with the idea of a community based makeover called, ‘Blueprint for Change.’ 

Clark says, “A local event that people could kind of get on board with and help make a change in a deserving family or community space. But I think having the spaces that we live in really do impact the way that we live.”

Over the course of six weeks the interior designer took nominations from people on who would benefit from a room or space makeover. Seven-year old Charlotte from Marquette was chosen from a nomination.

Edie Newcomb, Charlotte’s mother says, “She has been diagnosed with Cyclic vomiting syndrome which usually affects kids and it causes her to have repeated episodes of violent vomiting that go on anywhere from five hours to up to 10 days.”

While taking regular trips from the family’s home to a children’s hospital in Wisconsin, Charlotte’s parents noticed the hospital had a calming effect their child’s illness.

Clark says, “It was actually impacting her symptoms and the way that they were managing her illness so we’re going to try to bring a little bit of that into her space at home.”

The makeover will be in what’s considered a playroom on the first floor of the family’s home. Clark has met with Charlotte and her family to go over project.

Newcomb says, “She’s very excited about it. She’s had a very rough year. She’s a trooper. She’s a fighter.”

Clark says the makeover is possible from the generosity of local business. A registry is set up on Target’s website for needed items that anyone can purchase from to donate to the project. There will be reveal to Charlotte and her family on July 29th.


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