Body cameras come to Marquette County Jail


MARQUETTE, MICH (WJMN) — Corrections officers around Marquette County are set to get some new technology.

Correctional officers at the Marquette County Jail are joining the rest of the Sheriff’s Department by adding body cams to their uniforms.

” The main purpose of the body cam is safety. Safety for the officers, safety for the inmates. You’re gonna think twice about doing something if you know you’re being videotaped, ” says Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sheriff.

The Sheriff’s Department purchased cameras for its 35 full-time officers and 8 to 10 part-time officers for a total cost of $33,158.

Greg Zyburt says having these cameras will eliminate a lot of problems with inmates and officers.

” Anytime the correction officer has contact with any of the inmates that camera should be running. So it’s for the officer and inmate safety, ” continues Zyburt.

Zyburt says the cameras are a good way to keep everyone honest.

” Our liability is less when we have these cameras, ” says Zyburt. ” When Marquette County gets sued it affects the whole public and I think it keeps transparency, where people can actually see what’s going on in the jail, it’s not a big secret. “

Zyburt tells me that even when a camera is working 100%, it still can’t pick up everything.

“When I was road officer and I was arresting someone, and I’m patting them down, I could basically feel where they are getting ready to make a move, a camera doesn’t catch that, ” continues Zyburt.

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