Bothwell Middle School hosts 12th annual Museum Night


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Bothwell Middle School held its 12th annual Museum Night.

Students at Bothwell Middle School turned their school’s cafeteria into a museum of ancient cultures.

The seventh graders have been studying ancient civilizations for over a month and now they get to showcase their work.

Each student had to make a replica of an ancient artifact along with a poster board of information.

Joe Levandoski, a Bothwell Middle School teacher says, ” I think the students as they’ve researched a lot of these artifacts and technologies that these civilizations have come up with they realize that it was kind of the building blocks of things that we use today. “

Teachers at Bothwell say it’s vital for students to know the history of our world.

” It’s important to understand history so that we know kinda where we come from, and the people that come before us, and the mark they left on our world and how it impacts us today, ” continues Levandoski.

One student focused her project on ancient Egyptian clothing.

Claire Anderson, a seventh-grade Bothwell Student says, ” Me and my partner, we learned about ancient Egypt clothing, and we mostly focused on dresses, and how they made the dresses and what type of fabric they would use, and how they made that fabric from the resources they had in Egypt. “

Levandoski says he can’t believe how far his students have come.

” Being able to spend nights like this, walking around and seeing the kids smile, and be really prideful of their work here is very important and the reason I love this job, ” continues Levandoski.

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