Bowling alley where Pulaski fire started not insured

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PULASKI, Wis. (WFRV)– A report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice shows that the bowling alley where a fire started last December, destroying four buildings Downtown Pulaski,  was not insured.

The fire shows Wood Lanes bowling alley was not covered by an active insurance policy at the time of the fire. The report show that the owners, Ronald and Melissa Madlem, had not made payments on the policy in months.

The fire happened after the bowling alley closed on December 2, 2011. Investigators could not determine a cause of the fire and closed the investigation in January.


The report included  video and photos from inside the bowling alley, showing pictures of the men’s restroom, the place investigators believe the fire started.

Damage is estimated at $900,000 for all four buildings. Pulaski Fire Chief Randy Wichlacz said the village is helping the property owners obtain state permits, so the buildings can be torn down, which the village is not financially responsible for.

No plans are set for what will go in place of those buildings, though owners of Wood Lanes and the former State Farm Insurance building have expressed interest in re-building.

Pam Chavez has to look at the rubble that once was Wood Lanes every day.

“It’s scary, especially at night, it’s kind of eerie,” said Chavez who owns Another Round Bar and Grill across the street from the damaged buildings.

Chavez said it’d be good for the whole community if they rebuilt, but now just wants the remnants of the fire gone.


“It’s time, it has to go,” said Chavez.


Wichlacz said village officials will meet again by the end of the month, and they should have an update in the near future.

Full report, with never before seen video and pictures on Local Five Sunday News at 10p.m. 

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