“Can Mountain” soon to help pediatric cancer patients and their families


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — 2,560 cubic feet of bags, full of cans and bottles, needed a new home. The Marquette Lions Club reached out to the community for help and the community delivered.

“If it wasn’t for the fairgrounds, allowing us to store these here, we’d be in a pretty tight pinch right now,” said Mary Rule, Can Drive Coordinator, Marquette Lion’s Club.

For every can cracked open, there’s an empty just waiting to be crushed.

“They say there’s a motto in lionism, ‘where there’s a need, there’s a lion,’ and these kids need us and this is just our first step locally in helping those kids,” said Gretchen Preston, Volunteer Coordinator, Marquette Lion’s Club.

The Marquette Lions Club realized it needed some help thanks to generous donations from the community.

“If people can’t find a way to return their bottles and cans, if you look at this pile, this is from a 3 hour collection,” said Rule.

“If you imagine this pile in the landfill right now because people are getting discouraged, they have way more cans and bottles then what they would like stored in their own homes.”

Months of cans are now a mountain of money just waiting to be cashed in.

“If you helped with the cans, you get to guess at the numbers of cans that are in the this pile and the person who comes the closest gets $100 dollars,” said Preston.

There is a hold on donations of cans or bottles until they are able to cash in their current collection.

“Our highest guess right now is 118,720 I think,” said Rule.

The Lion’s Club will begin cashing in the cans at Econo Foods in Marquette next weekend and they expect to make a couple trips. All proceeds will be going back to pediatric cancer patients and their families.

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