Career Weeks at NMU


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN)– It’s Career Weeks at NMU. NMU Career Services helped students with free professional headshots today.

“A lot of times students don’t have the opportunity to get a professional headshot taken and then they need it and they don’t have it,” said Katie Korpi, Assistant Director, NMU Career Services. “And then they’re using things like cropping people out of photos or using selfies that probably don’t work so well.”

Another way students can get their professional makeover is by utilizing NMU’s Career Closet.

“We can provide professional attire to students who maybe can’t afford it and we provide an entire outfit per semester for free to help them with interviews, if their jobs require it. Really setting them up the best way for success,” said Student Body President Cody Mayer.

The items are all continuously donated. So if you’re looking for a sharp blazer or some slick slacks…. the goal is to have students look the part of the job they want.

“They see you and they see you as someone that you look like you belong there and you fit in that role and I think it contributes a big factor to their success,” said Mayer.

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