Changing laws and attitudes when it comes to marijuana


Michigan’s marijuana business is growing.

Last week Michigan started accepting applications for recreational marijuana businesses.

But, there are still many questions to be answered.

” We get a lot of questions, people calling a lot, and there’s a lot of information out there but there’s a lot of unknown because it’s a brand new law so people have to become aware,” says Marquette County Sheriff, Greg Zyburt.

We went to the streets and asked how much you know about marijuana laws.

” I know that you have to be 21, I know you can’t smoke it and drive or be under the influence while you’re driving, and I know you can only have a certain amount on you at a time,” says Jordan Rubick, a Northern Michigan Student.

Sheriff Zyburt said their priorities have changed when it comes to marijuana.

” Marijuana has a very distinct strong odor, and so once you roll down that window and an officer been outside in fresh air you can smell it. That’s no longer the reason for probable cause to search a vehicle if they have marijuana in a car, ” continues Sheriff Zyburt.

Sheriff Zyburt says the fines and penalties have gone down, and now breaking the law with marijuana is like paying a speeding ticket.

” If there’s a large gathering at the Lower Harbor and police are walking through and they smell marijuana, are they gonna go after that person? Probably not as much as when it was a misdemeanor, ” says Sheriff Zyburt.

With the changing rules and the way law enforcement is dealing with it, people hope their attitudes change with it.

” It gets rid of the stigma that it’s bad because it’s not, it’s no worse than alcohol. It’s essentially like going to a party store, ” says Cameron Behling, a designer at Schwalbach Kitchens.

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