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IRON RIVER – As a petition circulates on calling for the firing of Iron River City Manager David Thayer, Local 3 News has learned more about his history.
Prior to his move to the U.P., David Thayer was fired as City Manager in Grayling after he was arrested and charged with 24 counts of social security act violations according to multiple reports.
The charges stemmed from an incident when Thayer disseminated the social security numbers of 24 private citizens.
According to a letter from current Grayling City Manager Doug Baum – Thayer did this in an attempt to discredit a political opponent. In the same letter, Baum alleges Thayer threatened an employee for using too much personal time to care for his wife – who was sick with cancer.
Other allegations in the letter include questionable financial records being distributed by Thayer – Thayer attempting to push through a liquor license approval for a friend and Thayer engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a subordinate.
According to multiple sources, shortly after being let go from Grayling – Thayer was arrested and convicted of using public resources to help fund a political campaign.
We at Local 3 also communicated with the village of Lexington, where Thayer was village manager before his stop in Grayling. The former Village President David Maliniak described Thayer as smart, but “out of control”. He said in an email to Local 3 that  Thayer would not take direction and was difficult to work with.
Thayer was forced to resign and received a buyout in the process.
Local 3 spoke with Iron River Mayor Terry Tarsi, who stood by the City Council’s decision to hire Thayer. He said they were all aware of Thayer’s history, but felt he was the best candidate for the job.
According to City Council meeting minutes – Thayer was hired by a unanimous vote at a special City Council session – held at 10 AM on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015.
Local 3 made three attempts to contact David Thayer today–twice by phone and once by email–to give him a chance to respond to these allegations. He did not respond to our inquiries.

You can view all of the documents Local 3 has related to the situation here.