Clean up after 4th of July celebrations


MARQUETTE — Last year, one Marquette citizen shared a photo of the aftermath at McCarty’s Cove from the 4th of July celebration.

The picture showed a large amount of garbage that was left behind from the community. After only a few hours of being shared, the post went viral. The Marquette community came together to help clean up the mess.

This year, the community picked up after themselves.

Tracy Nyberg, Volunteer, said, “The community did an awesome job this year. There was hardly any garbage on the beach at all and there were people out all day yesterday cleaning up and being really cognizant of what happened last year.”

Nyberg and her fellow MSU alumni came out this morning with their families to help clean up what was left from last night.

“There was a group of us Spartans that came out to help clean up the beach. Last year there was a lot of litter on the beach, so we started an MSU alumni association group up here and a big part of being a Spartan is serving and giving back to the community, so we thought this would be a good way to come out after the fourth,” said Nyberg.

These Spartans were very impressed by the community’s effort with the cleanup.

“So this makes us proud to live here, living in Marquette, and being apart of the community just seeing how everybody did such a great job cleaning up, still enjoying the beach and keeping our shorelines beautiful,” said Nyberg.

“There’s garbage right there,” said Hazel Nyberg, Tracy’s daughter.

“Oh, there’s a little garbage right there. We’ll have to clean that up in a second,” said Nyberg.

Even though the fireworks were canceled last night, the community should continue to pick up garbage found on the beaches, bike paths or laying around town.

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