Cloverland advises customers without power to prepare for extended overnight outage

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CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) As of around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, an estimated 5,500 Cloverland Electric Cooperative members were expected to remain without power through the night as a result of Winter Storm Dorothy.

The combination of wet, heavy snow and high wind gusts caused widespread outages across the co-op’s five-county service area. Nearly 4,000 of these outages are in Chippewa County.

Cloverland Electric is asking members without power to make alternate arrangements as necessary to ensure their safety during this extended outage. Those who depend on electricity for medical equipment should activate their emergency back-up plan for alternate sources of power or alternate lodging. Members with unmet, non-emergency needs should call 2-1-1.

Downed lines, trees on lines and broken poles caused widespread outages through Cloverland Electric’s service territory. The co-op reported that ongoing storm conditions and challenging road conditions make restoration efforts slow going. All available crews from the co-op’s five divisions have been dispatched. Crews restored over 13,000 outages since the storm hit early Wednesday morning.

Although line crews worked into the night, they are required to suspend restoration efforts for a mandatory eight-hour safety rest. Restoration efforts will resume early Thanksgiving morning with the help of four mutual aid crews from Bay City Light and Power and Homeworks Tri-County Electric.

If using a portable generator during an outage, members are reminded to never operate a generator in an enclosed area or fuel it while it is running. For the safety of our line crews, never connect generators directly to your home’s wiring. A special transfer switch installed by a licensed electrician is required to prevent the reverse flow of electricity onto the power lines.

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