Compensation Committee met in Marquette


MARQUETTE — The Marquette Local Officers Compensation Commission met today for the first time in two years.

Members discussed payments for those on the Marquette City Commission including the Mayor, along with the chair and other members of the Board of Light and Power.

Jim Matteson, Commission Member said, “Well I think that’s just part of the government for citizens to serve on these kinds of boards and panels to make sure that we are doing the right thing by our elected people. I think it’s just a matter of fairness and being on the ball in terms of how these people are compensated.”

The Board of Light and Power along with the Chairman’s salary will stay the same at $4,000 for each member and the Chair at $4,500.

The salary for City Commissioners will increase by $200, for an annual salary of $7,900.

There was a recommendation to increase the Mayor’s salary by $300, to make an annual salary of $11,000.

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