Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell has filed a motion to determine the competency of Kelly Cochran to stand trial.

In court documents obtained by Local 3 News, Cochran has alleged a prior mental health history including a voluntary admission to a psychiatric unit in Indiana from April 18th-22nd. 

It was also learned that Cochran has had suicidal intentions in the past, as recently as while incarcerated in Graves County (Kentucky) Jail while awaiting extradition. Also in Graves County, she threatened violence against anyone who came in contact with her and even went so far as to file her glasses into shanks.

Cochran has admitted to participating in the death of Chris Regan and she is currently under investigation in Lake County, Indiana for the death of her husband, Jason Cochran. It is not known if Jason Cochran has any connection to the disappearance and death of Chris Regan. 

In addition, Cochran has claimed responsibility for the death of other individuals, which would make her a serial killer if her confessions are truthful.

Cochran was assigned a public defender while in Kentucky, but waived his services. She plans to represent herself in court, with assistance from a public defender.

Christopher Karl Regan was last seen in Iron River October 14, 2014.