Defining Autism Part 3 of 3: Sam’s story


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MARQUETTE — Sam Bradbury likes to be active, likes to play the piano, and loves music in general. You may recognize Sam, as he wears many hats in the surrounding community.

“He’s out and about in the community. Wherever we go, people know him,” said Sam’s mom, Nancy Bradbury. “I have much more notoriety as Sam’s mom than I do of myself.”

Sam was only 12 months old when Nancy noticed something different about him.

“He wasn’t as interactive as other children his age. Sam liked to spend a lot of time by himself,” she said.

At age 3, Sam was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder – and Nancy received some devastating news.

“He will probably progress to about a second grade level, he won’t get beyond that, and there’s nothing else you can do for him than what you’re doing right now. And I said I won’t go along with that.”

Nancy sunk countless hours into researching, and used local resources along with one-on-one therapy to help Sam.

And now…

“He kind of blows the typical definition of Autism out of the water because he’s very gregarious. He has 3 job placements right now. Those are through MARESA and SAIL,” Nancy said.

He also competes in just about every sport in the Special Olympics.

As for a few words of advice…

“Early intervention is key, it really is. It’s very important,” Nancy suggests. “If you’re at all concerned, ask your pediatrician, MARESA is a wonderful resource, your school systems are a wonderful resource.”

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As part of a 3 part series…here’s part 1. It’s an educational piece on what Autism Spectrum Disorder is. You can get links to local resources in Part 1 as well.

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