DELTA COUNTY — Delta County has acquired 1,400 acres of land in the Cornell area.

It’s being managed by the Delta Conservation District as part of the parks system, but it’s not just a place to hang out and watch the birds.

Right now, it has no official name other than the Delta County Community Forest.

Conservation District Director Rory Mattson tells the Radio Results Network that it was officially purchased in late August.
“It’s going to be managed forever for game species,” Mattson told RRN News, then laughed. “Now, other species are welcome. All the butterflies, the salamanders. All welcome!”
This land is located north of the Truax Road, and has plenty of roads inside the acreage to navigate.

The Radio Results Network reports that it was paid for with a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant, which covered 75-percent of the cost.

The county paid for the rest, and took ownership in late August.
Mattson says there will be some new policies in place, including requiring that you remove your hunting blinds from the land.
“There’s a lot of people who have put up ‘no trespassing’ signs,” Mattson said. “They don’t own it. They’ve put spikes in the trees. They’ve basically used it as their ow,n, and it’s not their own. So, that’s going to be changing. Biating is permittible. But please follow the law.”
He says that Weyerhauser will be helping to clear some of the land, and access will be closed off to the public for a time next spring.
A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held next August.