UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — Contrast Coffee Co. has released three blends of coffee to local Upper Peninsula grocery stores for those coffee lovers who cannot make into their locations.

“This was a way that we could reach the community in a different capacity, especially with the COVID restrictions,” Nancy Cheney, Marketing Director of Contrast Coffee Company.

Contrast Coffee Co. announced their roastery operation with the offering of a new coffee series called the Community Series.

The new Community Series has been established to provide grocery store customers a better alternative when walking down the coffee aisle to get a fantastic product from a local U.P. company.

Cheney said Contrast started this operation early 2020 after a pair of the owners took a trip to Columbia. They realized that there’s a market for the grade of coffee that is overlooked by businesses, a better option then the typical commodity coffee, such as Maxwell House.

“We recognized that there’s kind of that nich market that can do well in retail establishments, where you want that higher quality of coffee, but it’s also still a little bit more affordable.”

As the pandemic rolled around, Contrast was already in the process of launching this initiative, which had a major impact on launching these products, while grocery stores were consistently full of shoppers.

“This is an entire level specialty grade coffee that is affordable to customers looking for a retail option, but also still has the quality of specialty grade.”

The series includes three blends that will be available in whole bean or pre-ground:

  • Highway US-2 (Light Roast)
  • Twelve Point (Medium Roast)
  • Night Sky (Dark Roast)

These bags will also be offered in both 12oz and 2lb versions.

Once profits are made, Cheney said Contrast plans to give a portion of the profits back to the local communities.

While K-cups will not be available with the initial series launch, they are expected to become available in early 2021.

Community Series Coffees will soon be available at grocery stores across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin as well as online.

The three grades of coffee will be sold in locations like Super One Foods, Econo Foods, Family Foods, Bob’s Family Market IGA, and more local shops. If a grocery store would like to sell these products, Cheney said all they have to do is reach out.

Full Interview with Nancy Cheney below:

Contrast was established in 2015 in Iron River. Since then, Contrast has expanded to four retail coffee shop locations across the Upper Peninsula as well as a roasting facility in Iron River.

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