Discussion held at NMU about cigarettes and impact on environment


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MARQUETTE – A special discussion was held today about cigarettes and their impact on the environment and on the human body.

The discussion at NMU was part of a UP4Health Challenge Event. Cigarette filters are the single most common form of litter in the world, making up 30% of the litter found on US shorelines.
“Fortunately the rates of smoking continues to decrease ever since the Surgeon General’s report in 1964, we’ve gone from the +40% range of smoking now down into the high teens, at least nationally,” said Dr. Kevin Piggott, General Preventive Medicine and Public Health Physician. “Progress is being made, we always have to look at that. At the same point in time that’s +50 years ago.”
A study has found that for every ash receptacle, the total amount of filters littered decreases by 9%.

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