Efforts to preserve Presque Isle and Black Rocks


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN)– Presque Isle and Black Rocks is know as a Marquette favorite. MooseWood Nature Center wants to make sure it stays that way for long time. One way Erik Johnson who is one the MooseWood Nature Center Board of Directors wants to do this is through a dive clean up.

“Black Rocks originated from helping Don Fassbender with his harbor clean up in August,” said Johnson. “Which was really, really, and exciting event.”

Johnson says that littering is an issue in the Presque Isle, Black Rocks area and that a grant will hopefully eliminate some of that waste.

“As far as MooseWood goes, we have an upcoming contract with the city and part of that it to educate people on not leaving trash behind at Presque Isle which has been a problem,” said Johnson.” We’ve had everything ranging from bags of doughnuts left for deer and salads and stuff left for deer. We’re going to work at people to not do that.”

MooseWood Nature Center is hoping to adopt the Black Rocks parking lot for this project. If enough certified divers show interest in the diving clean up, it will be held regularly.

“A lot of stuff that’s left behind are cans, food wrappers, bottles, that kind of stuff. As a scuba diver, I’ve enlisted the help of Don Fassbender, some senior divers that might be interested in helping out because,” said Johnson.

People interested in helping out can contact the MooseWood Nature Center.

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