Elder Abuse Task Force visits the U.P.


MARQUETTE — We have tens of thousands of cases of elder abuse across Michigan, State Leaders are in the Upper Peninsula working to protect our seniors.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Megan Cavanaugh is making the upper peninsula a priority.

“When we set-up the listening tour and had the idea to do it, that we include the Upper Peninsula because I really do think that we get a lot of information, we get a lot of experiences, we get a lot of region-specific issues that, but for coming up here and hearing from people directly we wouldn’t be aware of,” said Justice Megan Cavanagh, Michigan Supreme Court.

State Attorney General Dana Nessel says they traveled across the state, hearing from those seniors who have been impacted by any form of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

“We have to make certain that seniors in our state are properly protected and are treated appropriately and that they are given the proper resources in order to make certain that level of protection exists, so a lot of that is talking to people in Lansing, talking to our state rep’s and our state senators, in making certain that they understand the great importance of properly financing all the types of work that people in these organizations do to best help those who need it the most,” said Dana Nessel, Attorney General, State of Michigan.

Attorney General Nessel expects the new initiatives she is putting forward will be voted on this fall.

Nessel also announced that coming soon, the Michigan Department of Attorney General will have an upper peninsula office at nmu’s campus.

She said it’s time that there is an ag office available for the U.P. Community and she hopes the public will take advantage of the access it will allow.

For more information about the Elder Abuse Task Force, click here.

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