LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — The state legislative session has resumed in Lansing and majority Democrats have a lot of agenda items remaining that they would like to address.

How much gets done may depend on how long the lawmakers stay in session, but some Senate Democrats are optimistic they can get some big agenda items passed even if, as some believe, the Legislature leaves Lansing well before its usual scheduled December end date.

“I think that’s a good amount of time to accomplish a lot on the agenda,” Sen. Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo, said. “We can move fast when we need to and the devil is always in the details of some of these things still to work out, but you see a lot of the bill packages getting teed up and ready to move. Even in my committee, Energy and Environment, we’re working on getting those clean energy goals the governor laid out in her agenda.”

Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks, D-Grand Rapids, also said energy will be a focus.

“We have a hearing just today, coming up this afternoon in fact, on our climate bills and the clean energy future plan that we put forth,” she said. “Still having a lot of conversations about the details in those bills.”

The details that both senators mentioned are what bother Rep. Pauline Wendzel, R-Watervliet, the minority vice chair of the House’s energy committee.

“There are two sets of bills out there. The Senate has their package, the House has theirs. But they’re pretty big bills — about 300 pages each, which is pretty large for a bill package, and they are different. Both are really bad,” Wendzel said.

Republican senators expressed their concerns, too, so it seems those discussions on details will have to continue for Republicans to get on board if needed. All that will have to happen soon, with perhaps as few as 21 session days left this year.

Speculation about early adjournment in Lansing has been going around ever since the bill that would move the presidential primary forward did not get immediate effect. By adjourning early, that law can go effect in time for the Feb. 27 primary.