MARQUETTE, Mich (WJMN) – People are gearing up to sail from Lower Harbor in Downtown Marquette as part of the Ensign National Championship Regatta.

Ensign Fleet 35 is partnering with the Marquette Yacht Club to bring the 2021 Ensign National Championship Regatta to Lake Superior. The last time Marquette was the host for this event was in 2012.

This race is unique in the objective is to not get from point to point.

“What we do is we set up a racecourse which is known as a windward lured racecourse,” Neil Lynch the chairperson of the 2021 Ensign National Championship Regatta said. “In other words, you race upwind a mile or so, and you round a mark that has been set by the race committee. And then you would sail downwind to the area where you started the race and then do about four legs. You would do an upwind leg, a downwind leg, and then repeat that to finish. We usually do two or three races in a day, and races are usually 4 miles or greater in length.”

This year around 30 boats are set to compete, each boat complete with three to four crew members aboard. There are various spots around Marquette that you can catch a glimpse at all of the action.

“Along the shore from Downtown Marquette to South Marquette is probably the best place to get a glimpse of what is going on out there,” Lynch said. “For those with a little more adventurous side, if wind and weather permit a trip out to the break wall might be ideal. From Mattson Lower Harbor Park you can always watch the boats as they are leaving or returning to the Yacht Club after the race.”

Races will begin at 11 a.m. Monday in Lower Harbor.

For the full event schedule and more information click here.