Firefighters at NWTC offer tips to keep safe during Fire Prevention Week


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) It is Fire Prevention Week across our nation, a time when firefighters urge you to plan ahead. Local 5 spoke with local experts about fire safety, who offered up tips to keep you safe.

At NWTC, students pursuing degrees in Fire Training hone their skills, extinguishing fires. The perfect place to come to when seeking advice during Fire Prevention Week.

“Run through drills at your own house – just like they do fire drills at school,” said Hannah Lulloff, a Fire Training student at NWTC.

“Kids aren’t very familiar with the sound of fire alarms, smoke detectors, so it’s very important to train them to that sound,” said Taylor Hoaglin, a Fire Training student at NWTC .

Fire Training Coordinator Jonathon Ladwig says this week is aimed at saving lives by motivating households to develop and practice a home fire escape plan.

“You can have a small incendiary fire go to a fully developed fire in less than 30 seconds,” Ladwig said.

Ladwig says a plan starts with working smoke detectors placed throughout a home and checked monthly.

“Some people think if they have one smoke detector in their house, they are covered. You really want one outside of every sleeping area and especially in kitchen/laundry room,” Ladwig said.

And in the event of a fire – a strategy for getting out.

“You need to know who is going to grab the dog, who is going to grab the kid and you need to have a meeting place outside,” Lulloff said.

Because these experts all know just how quickly a fire can grow. But also the life-saving difference a little advanced planning can make.

“Year-round commitment for fire prevention,” said Ladwig.

Forty-eight percent of all fires in a home start in the kitchen.

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