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UPPER PENINSULA– According to the Radio Results Network, folks across the Upper Peninsula are getting ready for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, and lots of fireworks are being sold ahead of the holiday.

Nate Wong is with Spread Eagle Fireworks, which has tents set up in Escanaba, Marquette, Negaunee, Gwinn, Iron River, Ironwood, and Florence, Wisconsin.

The school teacher from Arizona likes spending the summer up here. He and his mother are manning the tent in the parking lot of Escanaba’s Elmers County Market this week.

“Sales are great,” Wong told RRN News. “We’ve always had the buy-one-get-one-free promotion. That allows me to be really creative, so I can put together a great show. So if you want to spend $100, you walk around and get $200 worth of stuff. We just want everyone to have a good time, so sales are great.”

So, just how many fireworks does he have in that big tent?

“I know that I can always get more,” Wong smiled. “We’re based out of Iron Mountain, and one of the great things is, I can always get more stuff. They restock us several times a week, and so I can always get some more things to keep the tent nice and full, and make sure everyone’s happy.”

And safety, he says, is very important.

“The state inspectors come in, and we have a really good relationship with the fire departments,” Wong said. “They come in and they check everything. We’ve never had any issues here. Safety is the number one thing, I can’t take care of my clients if they’re getting hurt, or they don’t know the product and don’t know to protect themselves.”

He says he will be in town through the 6th, selling the fireworks not only through the 4th, but also for holidays later in the year.

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