Could you give up just about everything you own, live life on the road, and call a van your home? For Snow and Curt, this change of pace is exactly where life is taking them. About eight weeks ago, they sold their 3,800 square foot home in Orlando, Florida, moved into a 94 square foot sprinter van and set out on a world-wide adventure.

They designed and fabricated most of the custom touches inside van. Between solar panels on the roof, and a electricity generated when the van is moving, there’s no need to plug in. They top off their water tanks occasionally. With a water recycling shower and a composting toilet, there isn’t a lot of waste.

WJMN interviewing Curt while Snow grabbed this picture

With a memory foam bed, induction cook top, and a mini-fridge, their mobile home has plenty of creature comforts. The one thing you won’t see inside their van is a television. Curt tells WJMN news, “You don’t buy a van to hole up inside of it. You buy a van to travel around the world. So most of our life is outside of the van.”

The Florida couple isn’t alone. They are taking this excursion with their two cats, G-Money and Vanna White.

They drove through downstate and across the Mackinac Bridge to get to the U.P. So far they’ve stopped at pictured rocks and took the plunge, jumping off of Black Rocks.

Curt says the big thing they miss is seeing family and friends. So they have created several social media accounts to share their travels. You can watch their adventures here.