FOIA request denied by Marquette City Commission

Monday night’s Marquette City Commission meeting had a full agenda of renewing items and proposals, but the biggest issue was a FOIA – Freedom of Information Act – request made by Marquette resident Michael Neiger.

Neiger had submitted a FOIA request for all of City Manager Bill Vajda’s emails – irrespective of subject matter – during the month of December in 2013.

The City Commission voted on this request and the conclusion was that Neiger’s request was just too broad.

“Tonight, there was an issue about a FOIA request for a whole month of emails, not specifically on a topic,” explained Mike Coyne, Mayor of the City of Marquette. “And the law, as it exists now with an Attorney General opinion, is that that’s too broad according to the city clerk and city attorney, and it was denied. And Mr. Neiger has the option to then appeal that to the City Commission through the Mayor, which we did tonight, and the denial was upheld by the City Commission.”

Also on Monday night, the ballot language for a renewal on the senior millage that will be on the august ballot was approved, along with changes to the city’s Emergency Management Ordinance, a Harbor Master Lease Agreement and more.

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