Forestry Field Day for Marquette area students


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MARQUETTE, MI – Whenever a teacher mentions the word ‘field trip,’ there’s a certain excitement students get. Field trips provide a learning experience outside the classroom and today, the destination was the forest. Employees of Green Timber Consulting Foresters were on-hand as fifth through eighth grade students were split into groups of three learning about forest products, health and measurements.
“We thought the Presque Isle Park would be a great location for doing these where we could have multiple stations set-up with a lot of students but spread out enough where the different activities aren’t interfering with one another,” said Michelle Miller, Green Timber Consulting Foresters.
In the forest measurements group, measuring tapes were provided for students to measure the circumference of trees. By having students go group-to-group, they found out which aspect of research they enjoyed the most.
“I think it’s when we got to go on a scavenger hunt because I love scavenger hunts,” said Aryana Steede, 5th Grade student. “We found some fungus and we found some bug holes that kind of damaged the tree.”
“I have to say measuring the trees because some are big and some are little and it’s kind of fun,” said Maddie Tourney, 5th Grade student.
Part of the students’ field trip also entailed learning from a forest education kit. To go along with that, students also had a lesson in learning the age of a tree by counting the number of rings inside a bark.
“The ultimate goal here, really, is just to get the kids excited about being outside and to learn about educational opportunities and professional opportunities that may exist as they move through life,” said Justin Miller, President of Green Timber Consulting Foresters.
And a day of excitement it certainly was.

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