First Night

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Fresh Coast Film Festival kicked off Thursday evening at Mattson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette. The first night included a free preview of the films to come. One such film was a brief 60 second documentary about a professional rock skipper. Julie Benda decided to turn pro after attending a rock skipping championship on Mackinac Island.

Another film followed the exploits of Minnesota fisherman Nate P and his attempt at outdoor cooking.

The hit of the evening was Peace Pipe a comedy film which spoofs a made up Indigenous pipeline company attempting to push a pipeline through downtown Duluth, Minnesota. The film contrasts the plight of Native Americans of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and their fight to stop a pipeline through their homeland. Film maker, Gitz Crazyboy believes film festivals are essential for getting message out.

“Oh, it’s cool,” said Crazyboy. “I mean anything that helps to build community is great. So you have different people, performers inside it’s great to see. It’s always great to share meals with people, be entertained. Have things that make you think things that make you laugh, make you cry. It’s really great to share that, I mean. I love these festivals I love people coming together. this is what community is all about.”

The festival will feature over 80 films over 4 nights, in venues throughout Marquette. In addition to viewing films, Fresh Coast Film Festival is also conducting outdoor tours of the area from rock climbing to historical walking tours.