DETROIT (KRON) – General Motors is expanding a current Chevrolet Bolt recall to include all models for possible battery combustion.

GM is asking all Chevrolet Bolt vehicle owners to park their vehicles outside and away from structures, and to not charge the vehicles overnight. Additionally, GM is instructing owners of these vehicles to take the following actions:

  • Set their vehicle to the 90% state of charge limitation using Hilltop Reserve mode (2017 and 2018 model years) or Target Charge Level mode (2019-2022 model years).
  • If owners are unable to set their vehicles to the 90% state of charge limitation mode, or if they feel uncomfortable making the change, GM is asking owners to visit a local dealer immediately to have the change made.
  • Recharge the battery on their Bolts after each use and not wait until the battery is almost run down (deep discharge mode) before charging it back up.

GM’s complete recall notice can be found at the Chevrolet website.

This new recall affects an additional 59,392 model year 2019-2022 vehicles which were not covered in previous recall announcements in November 2020 and July 2021.

The earlier recalls for model year 2017-2019 vehicles involved 50,932 vehicles.

An investigation was first opened in October 2020. Recall remedies and reported incidents, including fires, continue to be evaluated.