Gladstone City Manager terminated


GLADSTONE — Gladstone City Manager Darcy Long has been suspended for some time now and tonight is the night he will find out his fate.

Long is being accused of malfeasance and has been suspended since July 16th following a motion from Gladstone Mayor Joe Thompson.

“We had a previous meetings where we suspended the (city) manager for cause outlined in his contract and following the charter. We had to give him due process rights, so we set a meeting for five days from when we notified him and he requested a ten-day extension, so we granted that, and that brought us to tonight,” said Mayor Joe Thompson, City of Gladstone.

Less than five minutes into the special city commission meeting, members of the commission granted Long’s request for a closed session.

Long and his attorney pleaded his case in a private room in the back of city hall, while dozens of Gladstone citizens waited for the commission to return.

Mayor Thompson said, “Based on the information that we have and after hearing his point of view, his case, then we came out and we made our decision. I can’t talk about what happened in closed session. That’s privileged information, so I can’t talk about that.”

With a unanimous decision done by the Gladstone City Commission, Darcy Long has been terminated from his job as City Manager.

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