Gladstone flood controlled by the city


GLADSTONE — Friday night, the City of Gladstone had harsh conditions roll through after a storm came up from the west.

Most, if not all, of Van Cleve Park and Gladstone Beach became flooded, resulting in city officials having to close the beach and park over the weekend.

Once the storm settled, many city officials came out to help clean up the beach park to make sure that with the little amount of summer we see, can be restored before it became too late.

Cooper Koski, Gladstone Parks and Recreation Beach Supervisor: “The east end of the park actually flooded completely, so we had to close that down obviously Friday night, Saturday morning. A lot of our boardwalks and trash cans were disturbed from the storm and we had a bunch of trash all over the place, but we came out Friday night and Saturday morning and got it all cleaned up.

The city also has a new addition to the beach.

“We just got a brand new slide and we had to fabricate a base for it, so we could put it in the water here, so we in result took it out and have gotten it all back into operational order. We fixed it all up today and the slide should be back in hopefully tomorrow morning if not, tomorrow afternoon,” said Koski.

Road closures occurred over the weekend due to the flooding, but everything is back open and operational now for the public to enjoy.

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