Global event, Spread Goodness Day returns March 15


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MARQUETTE– On March 9, 2018 over 10,000 acts of good were recorded for the inaugural Spread Goodness Day.

“We’re really set an awesome foundation last year,” said Anna Dravland, Founder, Spread Goodness Day. “Had no idea how many people were really going to engage.”

This year, it will be celebrated on March 15th with a goal of recording one million acts of good.

“I think it’s very, very doable,” said Dravland. “I’m hoping that schools will have competitions… like have some competitions have some fun with it. “

No act is too big or too small…. Dravland says the possibilities are endless.

“Like literallly stand and count how many times you open a door. It all counts,” said Dravland. 

Before the day, Dravland wants to spread the message that this is happening. Bennett Media Group has worked with Dravland since the inaugural year to spread through their business.

“So from production of videos and social media content to her website,” said John Bennett, Owner, Bennett Media Group. “We felt that it’s a great thing not only for our community but for businesses and communities across the Upper Peninsula and now it’s regional and her goal is global.”

And that’s exactly what Dravland wants people to know. You don’t have to be in Marquette or the U.P. to participate.

“We had people in Africa last year on a safari and they chose to do some special thank you letters for their guides and some extra tips to honor Spread Goodness Day,” said Dravland.

If you do a good deed on March 15 th you can record it on

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