GLRC’s Recovery Houses Receive MARR Certification


MARQUETTE, Mich., (WJMN) – Great Lakes Recovery Centers (GLRC) received the Michigan Association of Recovery Residences (MARR) certification for all three of their recovery houses. These become the only MARR accredited recovery residences in the Upper Peninsula. MARR holds recovery residences to the standards set forth by the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR), to ensure the proper functioning, safety, and wellbeing of recovery houses.

Recovery housing provides structure and support for those living in recovery and allows a safe environment for individuals to continue to heal from the impacts of addiction. Staff are committed to helping residents gain life skills, make healthy decisions, and strengthen their recovery, while attending group meetings, individual counseling, and case management sessions. Residents encourage each other as they face life’s challenges and become support systems for one another as they reintegrate into their communities.

Often, after completing residential treatment for substance use disorders, clients return to the same living situation that had supported their addiction, and are faced with the same challenges and temptations they had before. Many of these environments are toxic. While clients have changed during treatment, their living environment has not. This is why recovery housing can be an effective support program in the continuum of care.

“I had tried to stay sober on my own but could not seem to do so,” describes a former recovery house resident. “When I decided to go into treatment I wanted to stay as long as I could. While in treatment ‘Sue B’s House’ opened up and I felt it would benefit me well. I stayed in recovery housing for about 10 months. I learned how to deal with my emotions and my behaviors so I could react to them in a healthy way. My lifestyle had been unhealthy for so long. I kept trying to find myself. There was never anything to find. I decided to create myself. Let me tell you, I like this person a whole lot better than before. Learning how to deal with life, good and bad, has turned out not to be so bad. Learning to pay attention to how and why I am feeling a certain way has helped me grow and stay much stronger. “

The Ripple Recovery Residence, located in L’Anse, provides recovery housing for up to six women with the option to bring their children. Sue B’s House, located in Marquette, is an eight-bed recovery residence for women, while Gary’s House, located in Sault Ste. Marie, is a five-bed recovery residence for men.

Great Lakes Recovery Centers provides a variety of behavioral health services across the UP. For more information contact GLRC’s Access Center at 906-228-9696 or visit the website at

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