(WFRV) – Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced his plan to use part of the state’s $3.8 billion surplus, which includes sending every Wisconsinite a $150 surplus refund.

Evers said the money could help address rising costs at the gas pump and checkout lines. He also announced the investment of over $130 million in childcare and caregiver tax credits.

Evers released the plan Thursday, a day after state budget projections grew by $2.9 billion more than expected just six months ago. Evers’ plan would spend $1.7 billion of the state’s surplus.

But don’t go spending those refund checks just yet. Evers’ plan would have to be approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature to take effect.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done over the last three years to provide hundreds of dollars in relief to Wisconsinites through withholding tax table changes and our tax cuts—including one of the largest income tax cuts in state history—but I also know folks are still being stretched thin due to everyday costs going up,” said Gov. Evers.

Republican leaders on Wednesday said they want to use the money for a tax cut in 2023.