Groomed for adventure: Noquemanon trails prepped after storms


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — After being hit with more than a foot of snow this past weekend, trails all across Marquette County are being attended too.

Jeremiah Johnston said the NTN has been cleaning up their trials since Monday morning and still have a lot to do. Local 3 asked Jeremiah how it was out on the trails.

Jeremiah Johnston, Snowbike groomer, Noquemanon Trail Network said, “Pretty thick. The first storm put down a layer of heavy, dense, icy snow that stuck to the trees and bowed them down. The second storm just added to it and buried the tops that were already on the ground, so it was a lot of trees bent over into the trail, tops in the snow, just completely blocking the trail quarter.”

The thick snow isn’t the only obstacle that needs to be attended too. Most importantly, the tree covering shows be the main issue at hand.

“Once we got the trees cleared, we usually get them rideable within a day or two. Kind of depends on specifically the conditions and the time, but we can turn it from soft snow to rideable pretty quickly. The tree clearing is really the big job right now,” said Johnston.

Jeremiah believes that the trails are important to the Marquette County community.

“I talked with some many people here who are outside enjoying the weather, enjoying the snow that wouldn’t else be able to if we weren’t producing these trails.”

Jeremiah was able to get the Eastside loop open and hopes to have the rest of the trails cleared by the weekend.

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