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MARQUETTE — We all know the U.P. is a very special place, and residents are proud to be called Yoopers.  In fact, the Yooper state of mind made such an impression one “yooper transplant,” as he would say, that he’s decided to write a book about it. 

Adam Reed and his family are southerners, they’ve spent time in Florida, Georgia, and other areas.
But he says that the U.P. – and the people who live here – has changed his life forever. 

He’s writing a book called, “Yooper Hospitality: Northern Nice in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula”, which is an outsider’s perspective on what it means to be a Yooper.

Adam said, “We’re from the south, and clearly everyone knows about southern hospitality and it’s still very much alive and well. But we came up here, and we experienced hospitality on a whole new level. I said, I have to write a book. I mean, everywhere we go people are going above and beyond.”

Along with his own stories, Adam is also asking others to share their stories to be included in his book.

The book will be released on Amazon sometime in November. 

If you’re interested in sharing your stories, or keeping up to date on the progress of Adam’s book, feel free to message him on his Facebook page by clicking here.