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HealthWatch (WFRV)  August is children’s eye care month.  So it’s a good time for everyone to make sure their eyes are healthy.

If your child is having headaches or has developed learning difficulties they didn’t have in the past.  It might not require a trip to the family doctor.  It could be a vision problem. 

9 year old Hannah Sehloff likes to read but reading started  to cause her problems.

“When I looked at my reading book I was getting really bad headaches.”  explained Hannah. 

Hannah’s mom, Karen Sehloff, didn’t want to take any chances.

 “She had taken the eye exam at school and passed and I thought just to be on the safe side I would bring her in to the eye doctor.” said Karen. 

Karen took Hannah to BayCare’s Green Bay Eye Clinic where dr. Brad La Vallie quickly diagnosed Hannah’s problem.

“We found Hannah was farsighted.  The school screenings are very good at picking up nearsightedness, but sometimes farsighted kids slip through the system.”  Said Dr. La Vallie.

 Dr. La Vallie says it’s important for everyone to get a regular eye exam.  “In my perfect world everyone is in for an eye exam every year.  At least every two years.”  

An eye exam can also reveal other problems.

“When I look in the back of someone’s eyes I can pick up diabetes, high blood pressure.  Not only vision problems but other systemic problems as well.”  said Dr. La Vallie. 

There are some signs to look  if your child has vision problems including headaches, tripping, squinting, sitting too  close to the television and reading difficulties.

“Your children are not performing at a reading level they once were or their grades in reading class are slipping.”  explained Dr. La Vallie. 

And the problems can be easily corrected with glasses.  Hannah enjoyed picking out her new specks.

“I got to see all the different frames and got to try on new glasses.”  said Hannah. 

Hannah’s headaches are mostly gone and  her world is now in focus.

“I’m seeing a lot better than I did before.  It’s easier to read.”  said Hannah. 

He mom is happy with the results.

“It was an easy fix.  Just getting her some glasses, having her wear them typically during the school day.”  said Karen. 

Regular eye exams are important for your overall health.  If your eye doctor does suspect diabetes or hypertension, he will most likely refer you to your primary care physician or a specialist at another medical facility like Aurora BayCare Medical center.

To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <


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