Tremors treated with Ultra Sound


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Tremors can seriously impact a person’s quality of life and their livelihood. But a new treatment has impressive results.

74-year-old Bill Purcell’s Tremors started 5 years ago. It got so bad that he couldn’t even enjoy his coffee without spills.

Bill Purcell said, My wife didn’t want me to carry a cup of coffee from the coffee pot to the table anymore.

The medication wasn’t working, and he wasn’t a candidate for deep brain stimulation. So Purcell became one of the first patients to undergo a new non-invasive treatment at the Cleveland Clinic.

Sean Nagel, MD, Staff Neurosurgeon, Cleveland Clinic said, The focused ultrasound allows the physicians to target a very specific area of the brain. And as you slowly increase the energy over time, you can see the warming or the heating of the tissue within the brain itself.

The MRI-guided ultrasound creates a lesion on the part of the brain that causes tremors, and patients can be tested for progress after each session. Purcell had immediate improvement after treatment.

Doctor Nagel said, ”We were able to give him a cup of coffee, which for the first time in several years he was able to drink without spilling any. 

Bill has regained the ability to write and his hand no longer shakes. But more importantly, he has accomplished his goal.

Purcell said, ”My goal was to get out of bed and drink coffee without spilling. I did that so my day was a success.

Doctor Nagel says the therapy is also approved for Tremors related to Parkinson’s disease. Doctors are currently only using the ultrasound on one side of the brain at a time.

Long-term results are not available yet, but it is covered by insurance.

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