Heatwave coming for the U.P.


MARQUETTE COUNTY — According to Storm Team 3 chief meteorologist Tom Kippen, heat indexes may approach 100 degrees tomorrow and Friday.

It’s important that you stay safe during those high temperatures.

The possibility of heatstroke and heat exhaustion is a serious risk, especially in the afternoon and evening hours, and especially for children and the elderly.

Keith White, Meteorologist, National Weather Service: “Yeah it’ll be about, at least for most people, the hottest we’ve seen this year. A lot of locations have seen 90 degrees already this season especially locations near the Wisconsin border and even down in Marquette, once or twice this year already has hit 90 degrees with some help from downsloping winds of the hill here in Negaunee.”

To stay cool, you’ll want to drink plenty of water, stay in an air-conditioned area, don’t use the stove or oven to cook – it will make you and your house hotter, limit your outdoor activity – especially midday when the sun is hottest and wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

Those at greatest risk include people 65 and older, children younger than two, and people with chronic diseases or mental illness. It’s a good idea to check on elderly friends, family, and neighbors.

The dangers of this sort of weather – to almost anyone – are dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Wednesday night through Friday will be the hottest and most humid period as a heatwave moves through the Midwest and Great Lakes.

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