High school students fly high at MTU’s Aviation Camp


HOUGHTON COUNTY– 17 Students with an interest in pursuing aviation are attending aviation camp as part of Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Programs.

“Taught them about the weather because obviously as you look at the sky today, you can’t just take off if there’s thunderstorms,” said Kevin Cadeau, Civil Air Patrol Pilot. “Teaching them even about the basic things pilots have to do just to take off and land. You have to know what direction the wind is going so you can fly into the wind. I was helping instruct a flight simulator class where they use computers with a Microsoft flight simulator program that has 24,000 actual airports in it.”

Today in camp, the students received real hands-on experience by being able to fly the plane with an instructor.

“I think it’s a great thing because I think the first time I ever flew, I was in my 30’s and these people are in high school and they’re getting an opportunity to do this,” said Cadeau. “Some of them have never drove a car yet.”

Local 3’s Rebecca Bartelme rode along with Pilot Bob and Paige who is a camper throughout some parts of the Copper Country.

Once landed, the students were pretty excited about their experience.

“Basically how to fly a plane all of that… landing and taking off. It was pretty cool,” said 16-year-old Paige Stribling.

“We got off the ground and at first it’s like, ‘What’s happening,?’ said 15-year-old Luc Willett. “You started to get used to it more and then we took some tighter turns, pulled some g’s and it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt.”

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