For long time Marquette residents, the Harlow house has long been a part of history with a mystique all its own. Today a good crowd turned out at the Peter White Library to hear the latest on its renovation.

The Harlow house was built by Amos Harlow, one of the founding fathers of Marquette in 1868 and finished construction in 1872. The Curran family bought the home in January of 2012 knowing that the house was almost to the point of no return.  The house is now in good condition. The owners say the hardest part of the reconstruction was finding balancing the historical charm of the building but also making it a house of their own.

Melissa Curran, home owner of the Harlow house said,  ” The keeping it historical thing was the hardest part for me because I didn’t want to change anything. I wanted to keep the old ugly wallpaper there, I wanted to keep the old stuff that just wasn’t functional, but then it was pointed out that we needed to live in it too, so it’s our home, even though it was a historical house, that you know, somebody very important built it and lived in it for so many years..we had to make it our home.”

The Curran’s do not plan to hold any open houses in the near future, but haven’t ruled it out after their kids grow up. For those of you who are wondering if the old place is haunted. Apparently that is the case.