MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — Hanukkah started on Saturday night and goes through Sunday night.

The Upper Peninsula has a small Jewish community of close to 50 active members.

The majority of which are here in Marquette and in the Houghton-Hancock area.

We talked with Cary Gottleib from Temple Beth Sholom who says while the U.P.’s Jewish community may be small in number, they can trace their roots back for generations.

Cary Gottlieb, Treasurer, Temple Beth Sholom said, “The first Jew in the U.P. was around 1750, they think, I might be a little off on that date, but the Jewish community here in Marquette has been here since the founding of the mines almost. There was a large Jewish community out in Ishpeming, who served mostly as merchants for the mining community and so our first temple was found in Ishpeming in 1952.”

In 2017, Gottlieb says the congregation moved to Marquette because of proximity to jobs at the hospital, university and other professions.