Honor Flight Legacy Museum brings Washington D.C. to Delta County


ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) – Over two years ago, the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight was contacted regarding a potential addition to the U.P. Military Museum in the Delta County Chamber of Commerce in Escanaba.

“We were approached by Ann Jousma-Miller who has done the military museum which is the museum just before us,” said Paula Waeghe, a Board Member for Upper Peninsula Honor Flight. “We are connected, it’s supposed to be a flow through here. She just thought it’d be nice from her ending at the 9/11 to bring on the honor flight to be the legacy of where we are and what we’re doing for our veterans bringing them to D.C. for their tour of honor.”

Now, Honor Flight Legacy Museum is aiming to give visitors a glimpse into what the day of a flight entails, including a row of airline seats visitors can sit in to watch a video documenting the day of a previous mission. For veterans who’ve attended an Honor Flight mission in the past, Waeghe says the museum has received very positive reactions.

“They’re ecstatic, really, about it,” Waeghe said. “When we did have the open house there were some veterans who had brought their wives and they sat and watched the video and I’d see them touch her and say ‘Oh that was so great, that was so memorable for me’.”

The museum also features an area for attendees to write a note to be read on future missions thanking the veterans for their service.

“On the day of the Honor Flight we do on the way home have mail call,” Waeghe said. “And I have seen many gentlemen tear up from mail call. They find it very heartwarming.”

While Waeghe encourages veterans of wars currently eligible for the program to sign up for future missions, as well as non-veterans to sign up to attend as a guardian, she hopes those who don’t can learn about the day with a visit to the museum.

“You know sometimes we think we have to go far away to see things, museums and things of that nature,” Waeghe said. “But really if you’re touring through the Upper Peninsula or you’re from Marquette, Ishpeming. Menominee, Marinette, it’s just great to come in here and take your time and take in everything in this museum.”

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