HOUGHTON, Mich. (WJMN) — A woman living in Houghton celebrated a big day today,
It’s her birthday and she’s 112-years-old. This makes her the 22nd oldest person in the United States.

Meet Stella Lennox.

“I was born in North Dakota and I was the first girl and the only girl in this family and I had five brothers,” says Stella Lennox, the birthday girl.

Family and long-term friends gathered for a roaring 20’s party to celebrate Stella.

“Well I’m just flabbergasted,” continues Lennox.

Her family says she’s a beloved woman in the community and is always cheerful.

“She’s very inspiring to the folks here, living this long and being as positive of a person as she is, I think that’s just a great inspiration to people”, says Brenda Delacy, Lennox’s granddaughter.

Her granddaughter says Lennox is her world.

“She’s always been the most important woman in my life, she helped raise me, she encouraged me and loved me and she took care of me and now it’s my time to take care of her,” continues Delacy.

Lennox moved to Hancock this last summer when her granddaughter, Brenda, was transferred here with The Salvation Army.

The only girl and oldest of six children, Stella graduated from nursing school and moved to Chicago.

She worked as a surgical nurse at Cook County Hospital for 25 years, retiring in 1969.

Lennox has advice for anyone looking to live as long as her.

“You trust in the Lord, give yourself a kick in the pants and get going,” says Lennox