Houghton’s House of Terror


HOUGHTON, Mich. (WJMN) — On a dead-end street in Houghton, there is a scary house that has been terrifying residents for over 2 decades.

With an inside that is just as good as the outside, Mary Marsha-Terre continues to indulge in her passion for Halloween.

“As a kid, I just loved the costumes and then I hit college and of course you love the costumes. I didn’t have enough money to buy anything at that point other than cheap costumes that we made out of paper bags and things like that. Once I got a paycheck though, yeah, I bought a Halloween plater and it grew from there and then a wall hanging and things just snowballed,” said Mary Marsha-Terre, Queen of the House of Terror.

Her collection has a little of everything and you can tell she has been collecting for a long time.

“Well, it’s strange the things that I’ve found. Most of the time it was just bats and decorations for the walls. Some of them are left, the cheaper plastic, and then as time went on I kept upgrading them, so we’ve had parties 20 some years here and now actually looking back, 20 some years in Ann Arbor,” said Marsha-Terre.

Local 3’s Peter Curi asked Mary. How many Halloween items does she own?

Mary said, “Oh, it’s probably in the thousands.”

Mary has help from Ty, a family friend, who enjoys the decorating process.

Ty Crisman, Resident, House of Terror said, “It’s just fun getting setting everything up, seeing all the reactions of people, and then take everything down, put it away, and just wait for next year.”

Ty isn’t the only one, Mary’s neighbors are in on it too.

“Oh yeah, I’m it was like ‘hey common, I have some extra skeletons’ and then Jim’s the one who came up with the brilliant idea and he does it every year, the skijoring dog, I mean he does skijor and so that’s fun. Martha, she just puts up with me. It’s like ‘okay! this is fun’,” said Marsha-Terre.

Mary doesn’t expect to slow down anytime soon but hopes to hand off her Halloween collection to her friends and family when the time does come.

So expect the House of Terror, terrorizing the streets of Houghton for years to come.

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