Hundreds of freshmen move into UWGB dorms

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)–Several hundred freshman moved into their dorms Thursday at UW-Green Bay.

Moving to college for the first time, Local 5 is told by students, is a bitter sweet moment.

UWGB freshman, Jocelyn Weyer said, “It’s crazy but fun.”

To make the transition smoother for these 800 UWGB freshmen–a group of vivacious volunteers helping them move in.

UWGB Associate Director of Housing, John Gerow said, this is an exciting time of year. 

“We’re here to greet the students. Welcome them to the university and its a great time to do that,” he said.

But trying to carry all this gear in 85 degree heat is even harder.

Rob Weyer who moved in his daughter, said he’s trying to keep cool.

“We’ve got a couple of fans going, windows open. We’re hoping to catch a little bit of a breeze.” Weyer said

But no challenge is too great for this newest class though.  While it may be one of the smaller classes the university has had in a few years, this bunch is also the smartest.

UWGB Dean of Enrollment Services, Michael Stearney, said: “The average high school GPA is 3.4. Average ACT score is 22.9”

So while this group has proved they can handle the academic pressure–their next challenge? Adjusting to life in the dorms.

UWGB freshman, Maria Garcia, said of her new dorm room: “It’s tiny the space and you have to be aware of the other person.”

ocelyn Weyer also a UWGB freshman tells Local 5 she knows how to maximize her closet space. “Shoe organizer, stuff to put clothes and towels in, hangers a hamper.”

While the girls worry about closet space the boys are more concerned with hygiene. 

UWGB Freshman James Wise said “As long as it doesn’t smell. Rooming with another guy you’re not used to can get bad.”

Move in day is also a time of adjustment for parents as well. 

Parent Jerry Kunde is sad to say goodbye to his daughter. 

“Empty nesters now. Kind of scary. But she’s gotta go on,” Kunde said.

And parents final bit of advice before sending their freshman off?

“Make sure she goes to class,” said Rob Weyer.

ll of the students were moved in by noon Thursday.

Classes begin September 3rd.

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