EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – One of Michigan State University’s best known graduates says he was shocked and stunned when he learned of the mass shooting on campus.

“We had just arrived in Florida and there was a news bulletin out and I was just shocked and stunned,” said former Michigan Governor Jim Blanchard.

The former MSU student body president and former Michigan governor made his first outreach to the school’s interim president as he offered his help.

His next call was to his staff that worked out of Berkey Hall, a place the governor knows quite well.

“I had a majority of my classes in Berkey Hall, political science, history and economics and I also have on the third floor of Berkey, an office for the Jim Blanchard Service Foundation. Our people work there,” he said.

Fortunately, they were not at work at 8 p.m. that fateful and tragic evening.

In the wake of the murders and injuries, the governor is calling for a national ban on assault weapons.

“The widespread available of guns and automatic weapons is outrageous,” said Whitmer.

The governor believes after the federal ban on assault weapons was lifted, sales skyrocket and that was reflected at the state capitol.

“To the point when they are standing around the capitol law in Lansing brandishing these things like they were squirt guns,” said Whitmer. “The weapons on our lawn in Lansing were the forerunners to the Jan. 6 insurrection with some the same people were involved.”

As the Michigan Senate prepares to open hearings on gun safety legislation, the current governor assures everyone she does not want to confiscate weapons.

The former governor agrees but adds this:

“You can’t have a Tommy gun on a playground. I like what Dana Nessel said. People love their guns more than they love their children. Well put. It’s time to start loving our children and our society.”